Paper Engineering


For the past few months, whenever I walk through downtown San Francisco, I can’t help but stop at the Levi’s store to get another glimpse of the amazing paper sculptures hanging in the windows. How in the world were these large-scale backdrops created? Turns out they’re handmade, for the San Francisco and Soho stores, by a Michigan-based “paper engineer” named Matt Shlian. If you don’t happen to live in either area, just look below for more of his work, or check out Matt’s website, Ted talk and Ghostly video to see him in action. It’s pretty cool stuff—and kudos to Levi’s for showcasing it.

Photos below are the property of Matthew Shlian. Thanks for sharing Matthew!


Levi’s install Union Square, San Francisco, paper 14 x 8 feet


Ara 117, folded paper, 19 x 25 x 1 inches


Recursive, paper, 36 x 44 x 6 inches


Sphex, paper, 19 x 25 x 1 inches


When you are killing what you are meant to kill there can be no remorse, Tyvek, size varies (photo by Josh Kurz)


Ara 114, paper, 19 x 25 x 2 inches


Stretch Studies, paper size varies

ara 111(photo by Melissa Squires)

Ara 111, paper and contact paper, 50 x 36 x 1 inch, (photo by Melissa Squires)

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