Paintings by Sandy Ostrau


Deep Blue Pacific, 12×12

The first time I saw Sandy’s paintings I thought I’d died and gone to color heaven. I remember it well: it was at the Thomas Reynolds Gallery on Pine Street in San Francisco. Summer of 2010. At first glimpse my heart started racing. My palms started sweating. And a bit of jealousy crept in: I wish I could paint like that! Landscapes pushed to the edge of abstraction, leaving only beautifully rich color fields, with gorgeous textures and compositions to match. I could get lost in them for days.

All images are the property of Sandy Ostrau. Thanks for sharing Sandy!


Light of Late Summer, 12×12


Oceanside Geometry, 40×30


Late Summer Light, 20×16


Meadow View With Turquoise and Orange, 24×24


Small works (top to bottom, left to right): Painted Oak Fall, 6×6; Hillside Shapes, 6×6; Color Festival, 8×8; Blue Shadow, 8×8


Red Poppies, 24×24

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