Reusable Bags Worth Hanging Onto


I had good intentions: when San Francisco outlawed retailers from giving customers plastic or paper bags last year, I thought I’d have no problem embracing the city’s zero waste goal. I recycle. I compost (sometimes). And I already had a bunch of reusable totes lying around at home. Problem is, they’re too big and stiff. And I rarely go home before I go shopping, so I never have the bags on me. Hence, I pay the 10 cents per paper bag every single time I need one. While it won’t exactly break the bank, that really isn’t the point: I can do better. I need to keep one in my purse at all times. And if the bag is cute enough, I’ll want to take it with me. Everywhere. So, this is the result of my cool, reusable, small-enough-to-stick-in-my-purse, tote bag search. Here’s hoping one of them will make me a better person.


Top photo: SlingSax Bag 7, Envirosax; (1 and 2) Robot Bag and SlingSax Bag 10, Envirosax; (3) 24-7 bag, Flip & Tumble; (4) Save the Humans, Esse; (5 and 7) Sailor-stripe daypack and Animals 3-pack, Baggu; (6) Sydney, Envirosax; (8) ChicoBag Sling Bag; (9) Neon, Baggu; (10) Linen Bag 5, Envirosax

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