Tax Time


Ok, so taxes aren’t officially due for a few more months, but I’m one of those people who likes to get it over with early. So I’ve always designated President’s Day as the deadline to have all my paperwork done. Keeping all of the expenses, receipts, invoices, etc., organized is my least favorite part of freelancing, however. So rather than sort through everything at the end of the year, I keep all my receipts in a (cute) box, and file them into (cute) folders monthly. It really helps to have the files out in my living room—not hidden away in an office or closet—and serves as a little reminder to keep at it. And with so many good-looking options out there, I find it hard to avoid the inevitable. Maybe one of these combos will do the same for you.

Pink combo above: Semikolon File Box, See Jane Work; Blossom Folders, Container Store


Box and Folders, Paper Source; Bamboo File, Container Store


Bob’s Your Uncle File Folders; Circuit Wall FileContainer Store; Mint Cabinet, CB2


Pallra box, Ikea; Synchronicity file folders and boxContainer Store; Yellow file cabinet, Poppin


Yellow Lacquer BoxWest Elm; Palm FoldersContainer Store; Vintage Metal Accordian Rack, Rhan Vintage

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