Road Trip Down the Coast


Santa Cruz and Capitola: Quintessential California beach towns. These are pics (and more pics) I took over the weekend during a mini-getaway. I can’t believe it was only 4 years ago that I first went to the Santa Cruz boardwalk, because it kind of feels like home: just like the county fairs I used to go to as a kid in NY state (complete with all my favorite junk food), only with better weather and beach access. Plus it’s open pretty much year-round. I had to remind myself it was only February as I watched the beach volleyball players compete in their bathing suits.


This year my boyfriend and I stayed at a new place about a mile from the boardwalk: an old motel that’s been renovated into, well, a new motel. Only much hipper. It’s called the Hotel Paradox. Check out the cool front desk in the lobby (and the squirrels on the ceiling):


And just another few miles south is Capitola, a little beach town I could retire in: more laid-back than Santa Cruz, it has a funkiness and small-town vibe that’s also very charming. I especially love the ukelele band I’ve caught performing a few times on Sunday mornings. Trust me when I say it’s pure joy. And if you can’t trust me, then check out the video I took, complete with impromptu dancers. It doesn’t get much better than this.


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