March Flea Market Finds


It was sunny, blue skies all the way at the monthly Alameda Point Antiques Faire yesterday. I exercised restraint, for a change, and just picked up these little plates. I thought they’d be more fun to use than paper plates at the BBQ I’ve been meaning to have at my boyfriend’s house. And when the dealer mentioned they were Japanese melamine Takahashi plates from the 60’s, I thought they sounded just exotic enough to buy—so I grabbed nine.


I do regret, however, not buying this chair. At $85 (before bargaining) it seemed like a deal. I imagined painting the wood a soft, smokey blue and reupholstering it in one of the Thomas Paul fabrics (left). Or maybe a more understated Madeline Weinrib fabric (right) with a punchy coat of orange-red paint for the trim. Oh well … maybe next month.


I also passed this up: vintage wrapping paper. In the moment I couldn’t quite imagine how to use all the kitschy patterns in a modern way (chalking it up to low blood sugar). So I’ll go back next month and search it out, after the ideas have percolated. Hopefully it’ll make another appearance. Such is the risk you take when “window shopping” at the flea market.


One thought on “March Flea Market Finds

  1. I like all the things you bought and almost bought at the Flea Market. The chair is beautiful. Maybe it’ll be there next time. Love the Japanese plates too – very festive and barbequey.

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