Recreating This Colorful Cottage


{Image from Blueprint Magazine}

I’ve been saving this picture of sculptor Elena Colombo’s bungalow for at least 5 years. I love everything about it: the red and light blue color combo; the bold, graphic pillows; the outdoorsy touches; the red logs! It was obviously curated over time, mixing vintage pieces with modern textiles. However, if you’re impatient like me, sometimes you just want what you want when you want it. And if I was going to try and recreate the feel of this room—all at once, with what’s available right now—this is how I’d do it.


Mirror / Chandelier / Painting / Paint


Platform sofa covered in this Amy Butler jade green fabric / Red flower pillow / Red and off-white coral pillow / Solid white pillow


Plate / Bowl / Sea urchin shell / Vintage french paperbacks / Vintage Hollywood Regency table (while it lasts!)


DIY instructions for painting tree stumps (photo property of Thrifty and Chic) / Red paint / You’ll come across a bunch of these big glass jugs at the flea market (this one’s from Alameda), but if not, try Etsy or get a new one here / Green rug / Flooring

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