The Elusive Cocktail Table

cb2 parlour chair

In a moment of spontaneity last fall, I sold my black steel coffee table. The curvy legs and little balls at the ends bugged me (I did buy it in the early ’90’s), and I wanted something cooler to go with my mid-century inspired pieces. But I do have some post-sale regret: it looked OK in the space, was the one thing I could hide under in an earthquake, and was a total bargain.


In it’s place I’ve been using this little side table to get by but it’s just too tall/small. I use my coffee table for many things, such as eating and working on my laptop, and this one is killin’ me. It’s gone on long enough and I need something asap. Problem is, I’m not sure what to get. So I took images of the types of tables I’m leaning towards and crudely photoshopped them into my space. And I want (no, need) your opinions—and suggestions: am leaning towards something like #5 or #6. Thanks in advance!


6 thoughts on “The Elusive Cocktail Table

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