Kim Frohsin’s Figures


Sea of Yellow: Lisa

I’ve started getting into figure drawing again lately. I haven’t done much of it since art school but I really enjoy the challenge. And the more I study the colorist painting method at Marin Art School, the more attracted I am to work that really exaggerates warm and cool colors in an almost abstract way. I think Kim’s figure paintings do this so well. I saw a show of these works a few years ago, and while she has since evolved her style—and subject matter—I always come back to them. She really captures the model’s gesture through the use of color, shape and texture. These painting look like they were fun to make and they give me lots of ideas on how I can use the 2-minute warm-up drawings I usually throw away from the beginning of a session. Thanks for the inspiration Kim—and for sharing your work!

For the full range of Kim’s work, visit her website, or check out Paul Thiebaud Gallery, who reps her here in SF.

{All images and paintings courtesy of Kim Frohsin}

Kim Frohsin, SOTA is Soon

SOTA Is Soon


For Deano


Early Floatation, The October Queen


Simple Girl from the East


Lorraine Red Room, Title unknown


And, Leah Leans


Casting a Quizzical Gaze, Pay Attention to Tangerine

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