Coloring On The Furniture: Part One


I’ve been seeing a lot of this furniture, that looks hand-painted, at Anthropologie lately—which I think is pretty cool. While the price is a bit steep, it did get me thinking about painting my own upholstered things. Frankly, I didn’t even know you could do this until I saw what my Aunt Carol had done to her white sofa: she literally painted the entire thing black with fabric spray paint (I wish I had “before” and “afters”).


Now, I do know about fabric paint of course, but I didn’t know you could paint an entire piece of furniture, without worry of it rubbing off on your clothes or being too stiff—or looking good for that matter. But the black sofa was such a success, Aunt Carol moved on to a pink chair (above). It was painted with 2 coats of blue latex paint and fabric medium mixed together (equal parts) then sanded with extra-fine sandpaper when dry. And it feels as natural as it looks. Who knew?


Inspired by Anthropologie’s Monet-esque treatment, I started poking around to see what else I could find beyond solid colors and came across this honeycomb treatment from A Little Bit of Everything. I think it looks awfully fresh and modern. You can find the DIY instructions for stenciling it right here.


And check out this perfectly painted chevron pattern by Shannon Kaye. She’s able to paint lots of surfaces in an interesting way…..but that’s another post.


Lastly, I saw this chair transformed by Ariele on Brooklyn To West using a hand-carved rubber stamp. It’s just one of the many impressive projects on her site.

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