Coloring On The Furniture: Part Two


Anthropologie’s Drawing Study chair

My affinity for hand-painted furniture started during a trip to Wilmington, NC to visit my Aunt Carol. She took me to this great furniture-oriented shop called the Red Dinette, which was run by a very creative husband and wife team. They had beautifully transformed furniture with hand-painting and unique upholstery. I was so inspired by their creations I decided that’s what I would do when I retired: refinish and repaint old furniture. The Red Dinette has long since closed, but fortunately for me there’s a ton of inspiration floating around out there (and hopefully I won’t wait so long to get started). Check out these recent finds.


Knack Studio: (top photos) hutch and side table (originally found on Poppytalk). Love the painterly scenics—as well as the vintage paintings on the walls. Chest (below) is a modern twist on an old find.



Vintage dresser, above, found at Stuff, SF. Love the color combo as well as the detail in the flowers.

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