Road Trip Through Route 66


Last week I did a post on my hike to Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon. What I didn’t know before the trip was that we’d get to the trailhead via Route 66. (Cross another one off the bucket list!) We stayed with some friends in Phoenix, then all headed up the highway to our destination of Seligman, AZ, which happens to be the birthplace of Historic Route 66.


It’s kind of a funky, sleepy little town: full of kitsch with no shortage of photo opps (more on Instagram). It’s teeny tiny and most of the shops and restaurants are within walking distance of each other. Unfortunately we got there after 5:00 so most of the shops had just closed—although we did find one that was still open for biz. So we loaded up on souvenir mugs before heading to the Roadkill Cafe for dinner (the name was all in jest—thank God).


The place below, the 2-star Supai Motel, is where we stayed (unfortunately, the town’s quirky charm didn’t make it beyond this cool blinking sign.). In the morning we went to a place called Lilo’s Cafe for breakfast (right across the street from the Roadkill Cafe) and I’d recommend it: pretty cute. We stopped there for lunch on the way back too—the most happenin’ place in town.


I don’t know what the rest of Route 66 is like, but I’m glad we got to experience Seligman for a few hours. It was as close to the trailhead as we could get (about an hour away) and still get a fairly early start. It was an unexpectedly fun kick-off to a great hike. Plus, everyone needs a little kitsch now and again, just to keep things interesting. Right?

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