Seis de Mayo


I wanted to get this Cinco de Mayo post together last week, but the weather in SF has been so amazing that I had a hard time sitting inside in front of my computer. So here it is a day late. But frankly, just because the official celebration has passed, doesn’t mean we have to put away the Tequila. From the salsa music, chaladas on the beach, bright colors, unique and affordable folk art, to the chips and salsa for breakfast, lunch and dinner (ok, maybe that last one is just me), there is no other place that brings on such a carefree, festive feeling. I have so many great associations with Mexico that I think every day should include a little something from south of the border. And here are some of my top Mexican party (or any day) must-haves:

papel picado

These paper banners come in all sorts of themes and colors, and you can get them pretty cheaply. And the same goes for the folk art: I’m a big fan of the handmade coconut masks you see everywhere in Mexico, but anything animal-oriented does the job as well.

1 Multi-colored Papel Picado banners / 2 Red Papel Picado banner / 3 Red pig table decoration / 4 DIY Piñata eggs (photo courtesy of A Subtle Revelry)


And what’s a Mexican-themed party without a piñata? The eggs above are not technically piñatas (just inspired by), but they look so festive I had to include them. And check out the modern shape and gold color on the ones above.

Also, don’t forget to bring in the flowers: if you don’t have the yard space, or the green thumb, make your own out of brightly-colored tissue! Or stock up on these pretty hand-painted serving bowls, and use them for the salsa and chips.

5 Gold crystal piñata / 6 DIY gilded donkey piñata (photo courtesy of Studio DIY) / 7 DIY Paper fiesta flowers (photo courtesy of Aunt Peaches) / 8 Vintage painted wood serving platter

Otomi fabric

Lastly, grab a hand-sewn Otomi fabric to use as a tablecloth (or when the party’s over, a bed coverlet). They also come in a bunch of colors and sizes. I got my yellow one at a flea market in Mexico City for only $100, but you can also find them online.

9 Multi-colored Otomi table runner / 10 Blue Otomi coverlet/tablecloth / 11 Yellow Otomi fabric

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