Perfect Pairings

Ashley G.

The Char-Bea collection for Urban Outfitters: I’ve been seeing this range of bedding, pillows and rugs on a lot of design blogs lately. And for good reason: they’re awesome! Created by Portland artist Ashley G., they’ve been an instant hit (the reversible duvet cover above is already sold out). She uses really interesting color combinations—and I love how these designs are both soft and bold all at the same time. Now anything that looks similar is catching my eye. So if you were lucky enough to grab this bedspread, or are planning on getting any of the items below, I’ve found some artwork and accessories that go with them. Perfectly.


(Top left: Circle collage by Esther Ramirez; Middle left: Painted ceramic vase by Shade on Shape; Above right: Painting by Zoe Pawlak; Below left: Paper collage by Coutrney Price; Duvet, pillows and rug by Ashley G.)


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