An Ocean’s Perspective


(This is where I want to be… by Kurt Rahn)

Well, it finally happened: after weeks and weeks of being buried in work, I finally imploded under the stress. I love freelancing, but I’m constantly at odds with maintaining a balanced life: it’s all or nothing when it comes to the work. It’s a good thing I live by the ocean—not that I’ve been able to break away for a walk on the beach, mind you. But knowing it’s there does give me a sense of calm. It’s funny how a big body of water, and nature in general, can put things into perspective. I realized that a while ago, so I guess it’s no surprise I’ve been drawn to these photos from Society6 lately. Until I can take a break and get down to the beach in person, gazing at these will do the trick.




(Salt Water Cure, Maps, Distractions by Tina Crespo)


(Not all Who Wander Are Lost by Jillian Audrey)

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