Yarn Bombing in Ojai


My boyfriend and I just got back from a weekend getaway to Ojai (a detailed post on that coming next week) and I couldn’t wait to share my favorite thing about this town: yarn bombing! We were walking around town, and I’d seen a traffic sign wearing a knitted “cozy”. Odd, I thought, but kinda cool and unexpected. Then I saw a few more. Must be some type of guerrilla knitting group, spicing up those utilitarian metal posts. Then we got to Libbey park, in the center of town, and saw this: a big Missoni-esque knitted tree!


Not only were the trunk and branches covered with yarn, but knitted flowers and decorations hung from the branches along with the real flowers (which were in full bloom). It was magical. If Anthropologie opened a garden center, I’m pretty certain it would look something like this. I couldn’t find much info on the tree, other than this Facebook page—and from what I can tell it appeared less than a week ago. Talk about perfect timing for our trip! What a sweet way to spread some cheer in this quiet, artsy town!


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