Time To Vote At Minted’s Holiday Card Challenge


Since I’ve been on a card-making binge lately, I decided to enter Minted’s annual holiday photo card contest. If you’ve never heard of Minted, they’re an online stationary store and a great resource for photo cards and invites. The difference between them and other online stationary stores is that they don’t have in-house designers: instead, they hold contests where graphic designers from anywhere can enter, and the public can vote on which designs get sold (and win cash prizes!). This means the competition is fierce: there are over 3,300 entries for this challenge alone!

I was focused on creating graphics that were modern and bold, yet still secondary to the main photos. If you like any, or all, of my designs, just click on each link or image below and it’ll bring you to the page where you can rate each one individually. And if you want to see what other people have entered, you can view those entries here. There are some really great ideas, and I’m excited to be included in this pool of talented designers from all over the world. Voting ends on Monday, June 24th. Thanks for taking the time!


Snow Flower Burst

Snow Swirls

Snow Swirls


Technicolor Frame


Peace and Joy Cutout Colors


Gift Patterns

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