Two Must-See San Francisco Art Shows


(Left: Gull In The Mist by Lindsey Kustusch; Right: Untitled by Jeremy Mann)

SFMOMA may be closed for three years due to renovation, but there is no lack of impressive art shows around town. And right now, two of my favorite local painters have solo shows going on. I’d definitely recommend checking them out before they close in two weeks.

Lindsey Kustusch is showing at Studio Gallery on Polk St (one of my neighborhood favorites) through July 7th. I went in to check out her work about 3 hours after the show went up (and 4 days before the official opening)—and almost everything was already sold out! So that should give you an indication of her talent. Her strokes are very expressive, and as a result the paintings look very active. You can see it in the Raven paintings especially. There were a lot of urban landscapes in this show too, also amazing. So many layers, such interesting background and sky textures. Note to self: start collecting now.







(All images above property of Lindsey Kustusch, courtesy of Studio Gallery)

Speaking of urban landscapes, Jeremy Mann is currently showing at the John Pence Gallery through July 6th. When I was looking for painting lessons a few years ago I started researching local artists and was blown away by Jeremy’s work. For someone so young (late 20’s at the time) his paintings were very accomplished. He does not give lessons by the way, but I try and learn what I can from staring at his cityscapes. The first painting below is my fave from the current show. It’s a large one, and there are so many layers to peel through that you really feel like you’re inside it. I would love to watch a video of him creating one of these large scale pieces: I bet they’re fun to make. He’s also doing more portraits and figurative work lately, which are just as beautiful, and no less layered and complex.







(All images above property of Jeremy Mann, courtesy of John Pence Gallery)

One thought on “Two Must-See San Francisco Art Shows

  1. Two of my favorite artists also. And you are right, buy now. Jeremy spiraled out of my pocket book range in a hurry. The fab team, Rab and Jen at the Studio Gallery are the best.

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