Fireworks Over The Bay

I hope everybody had a fun 4th. For the first time in 12 years I went down to Aquatic Park, near Ghirardelli Square, to watch the fireworks. If you know San Francisco, it’s not a surprise to hear that it’s usually so cold and foggy on the 4th that seeing the fireworks display is sometimes a futile effort. In fact, the first time I ever visited SF it was over a July 4th weekend and my friend and I took a nighttime cruise to watch the display on the Bay. Such tourists: we froze, and saw nothing! But since we’ve been having such amazing weather this week, and the sky has been so clear, I was optimistic. And I’m so glad I rallied: it was amazing! With twin sets going off over the Bay, Alcatraz as the backdrop, and the Marin fireworks going off in the distance, it was something I had to share. If you missed your own fireworks, hope this video fills the void til next year.


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