Tas-ka Textiles {And Other Fun Prints}


(1 Tea towel / 2 Platter / 3 Spoons / 4 Napkins / 5 Oven Mitt / 6 Placemats / 7 Tart servers)

I’ve been doing a lot of window shopping lately at my new favorite online shop: Leif. They have such a great collection of simple, yet unique, items that it’s fast becoming my go-to source for gifts. And I especially love these cute kitchen textiles from Holland-based textile house Tas-ka. (I’ve never wanted an oven mitt so badly.) They’re fun on their own, and even better when mixed in with a few other items Leif carries. My boyfriend and I just had a BBQ over the weekend, and now I want a do-over using this stuff!


(1 Tea towel / 2 Spoons / 3 Placemats / 4 Cheese board / 5 Mug / 6 Napkins / 7 Bento box)


(1 Close up of Colored Beans art print / 2 Coasters / 3 Cake knife and server / 4 Placemats / 5 Napkins / 6 Tote / 7 Dotted garden stakes)

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