New Paintings From Sandy Ostrau


(Standing by Sandy Ostrau)

This has been a great month for art shows in the city. All my favorite Bay Area painters have had solo shows—plus the Diebenkorn exhibit is currently going on at the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park. (While he’s internationally famous, the show focuses specifically on his Berkeley years, so I’m counting it as local.) He may have passed on but his paintings still seem so fresh to me: I absolutely love the color in them. I saw it on July 4th when it wasn’t so crowded, which was nice for a change.

The next day Sandy Ostrau (a favorite local living artist) had her opening at the Thomas Reynolds Gallery, just down the street. I missed the opening, but got a chance to talk with her when I stopped into the gallery a few days later. I love hearing about an artist’s inspiration and painting process, especially when it comes to abstracts, so was lucky she happened to be there. And Sandy’s so down to earth, I was only slightly intimidated.



While I’ve blogged about her landscapes before, this new series contains a lot of figures. And reminded me so much of the Diebenkorn show I had just seen. If you get a chance, it runs through August 24th. I’ll most likely be going back for a 2nd, or 3rd, look. It’s that good.





(All images are the property of Sandy Ostrau via the Thomas Reynolds Gallery)

2 thoughts on “New Paintings From Sandy Ostrau

  1. Thanks for posting Sue. Diebenkorn is one of my favorite artists. I really wasn’t aware of the works of Sandy Ostrau. I am now and impressed. I’ll make it a point to see her exhibit.

    • Glad you like tomraher1. They are definitely worth seeing in person, as the colors are so rich and the textures so interesting (and sometimes subtle) which doesn’t always come across in a photo. Hope you enjoy!

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