The Best Travel Photographer You’ve Never Heard Of


Unless you’re a Facebook friend of Philip Lewin, or know him in person, chances are you’ve never seen these images. Which is such a shame because they’re stunning. Phil and I went to art school together, both majoring in Graphic Design, and eventually starting our careers there. But somewhere along the way Phil got into photography big time.

Currently living in Switzerland, he travels the world taking photo workshops and vacations in places most of us only dream about—all while holding down his day job. While most of these images are on Facebook, you can see more of his work here. (His most recent adventure was storm chasing in the Midwest.) With pics like these, I think I’m looking forward to his next vacation almost more than my own 🙂

phil-lewinphil-lewinphil-lewinphil-lewinphil-lewinphil-lewinphil-lewinphil-lewinphil-lewinphil-lewinphil-lewinphil-lewinphil-lewinphil-lewinphil-lewinphil-lewin 312160_2526519001113_611252463_nphil-lewin

(All images property of Philip Lewin. Thanks for sharing Phil!)

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