Kofod Larsen + Robert le Heros


A few flea markets ago I picked up this pair of danish-modern Kofod Larsen ottomans for a steal. I have a few vintage chairs I wanted to pair them with, but have yet to recover the cushions. While the current fabric isn’t horrible, it’s not really my style: doesn’t go with the apartment and is too manly.

So I’ve been researching fabrics and am in love with these Robert de hero textiles I’ve seen over at Lotus Bleu (a home decor and interior design shop in Hayes Valley). They’ve used this fabric to recover danish-modern furniture as well, and I think the look goes together perfectly. I had called Lotus Bleu to ask about remnants, since the cushions have such a small surface area, and they recommended a program at the SF Design Center called Access Door. It’s a program where you can source trade fabrics without working with a designer. I have yet to look into that, but be assured it’s on the To Do list.


(Furniture images property of Lotus Bleu)

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