Reaching 100


A few weeks ago I went back to Western New York for my usual summer visit with the family. But this year we had an extra special reason to get together: my Grandmother’s 100th birthday celebration! (Coincidentally, as I was preparing this post, I realized it would be my 100th for the blog. I swear I didn’t plan it).

It was truly a special occasion, and a team effort to pull together. People came from near and far (hello Thailand) to celebrate with her. I’m still waiting for all the pics to roll in, but here are some highlights.


Since I’m the designer in the family, I was assigned the invitations. Against my better judgement, I enlarged a tiny old b&w photo of my Gram for the main image—and was relieved that it came out pretty crisp. The flowers on the back are from one of the many, many china paintings she has done over the years.


Some family friends decided the guest of honor needed to arrive in style, so they picked up my Grandma (upper right), her 97-year old sister Min (she got the convertible), my mom and Aunt Carol in a couple of classic cars. Fun, huh?


My Aunt Carol took care of the decorations and the “penny candy bar”: a nod to the grocery store that my Grandma’s family owned—and kept them afloat during the Great Depression.


My cousin Mary Jo spent a few months before the party getting a Memory Book together. She sent note cards to a bunch of family and friends asking everyone to write down their favorite memories of my Grandma. She and a scrapbook pro organized the cards, along with old photos, letters and memorabilia, into a book and displayed it at the party for people to thumb through.


And, of course, the 140 people that came out to celebrate with us all had their own special role: they made our day. I’m so glad my Grandmother was able to witness such an outpouring of love and that we could spend this happy time together.

Hope you take the time to acknowledge the milestones in your life as well, regardless of how big or small.

12 thoughts on “Reaching 100

  1. I am staggered by the thought and preparation put into this party. What a beautiful thing for everyone to celebrate. Love the invite!! She is one happy and beloved lady. I wish I would have been there! : )

  2. She definitely looks like someone who has lived a long and beautiful life. Just seeing all of the beautiful people around her and all that you guys did to make her 100th birthday so special is testament that she lived her life right and to the fullest. What an inspiration and a great reminder that love and the wonderful people in our lives, is what is most important and will keep us forever fulfilled and happy. Thanks for sharing her special day with those who don’t know her, but are now huge fans of hers. Happy 100th Birthday Sue’s Gram…and to think…she wanted to cancel the party. 😉 Thank goodness no one listened to her. We would have been deprived of all this beauty and inspiration.

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