Southwest Utah: Part Two


Bryce Canyon National Park. I hope everyone had a relaxing Labor Day. I stayed fairly local and headed up to Napa for some wine tasting. More to come on that later, but first I want to wrap up my 2-part Utah post.

We took a day trip to Bryce from our lodge at Zion Mountain Ranch during our stay in Zion last fall. It was a super easy drive and we were lucky the rain had stopped by then because we wanted to get out and do some hiking. We stopped at the Visitor Center, picked up a map, then drove the length of the canyon to check it out. We pretty much stopped at every lookout along the way to take pics as the scenery was “other-worldly”.

Bryce Canyon

Once we got an overview we headed back to the popular Navajo trailhead to see if we wanted to hike down. It looked incredibly steep, but the trail map indicated “moderate” so we went for it. There were a bunch of switchbacks, and it was actually pretty easy going down. And fun to walk through once we were at the bottom! Lots of narrow slot-canyons, arches, and crazy rock formations to crawl through.


When we were in the car earlier, the canyon looked completely inaccessible, so it was pretty cool to be able to get down into it and walk around those crazy rock formations. And see the hoodoos (those skinny, rock spires) fairly up close. It felt like we were on another planet.

Bryce Canyon

If I remember correctly, we did the whole Navajo Loop Trail and ended back up at Sunset Point. We could have easily gone further—or done another trail—had we started earlier in the day. But by the time we got to Sunset Point the sun was already fading, and we decided to head back to the Ranch while we still had some light. It looked like sunset over the Canyon would’ve been spectacular, and it’s a minor regret we missed it. As one thing gets crossed off the bucket list, another gets added I guess.

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