Soap Making 101


In my continued pursuit of crafting and homemade goods, I ended up at the Nova Studio over the weekend. My friend Anne discovered this place through a reference at a farmers’ market, and we decided to sign up for a beginner cold process soap-making class. Located in the Point Richmond Historic District (which I’d never been to), this place couldn’t have been any cuter.


I had big dreams of starting my own soap-making businesses from my kitchen, until I read page two, or so, of the class handout—and discovered lye (the key ingredient) could burn through skin and potentially blind a person. Sigh … I guess this was not going to become my side business after all.

nova studio

Still, it was fun to watch our instructors measure, mix, and give tips on all the various ingredients. And to be honest, I’ve never actually heard of any soap-making horror stories. People do it all the time, right? So I’ll probably be back for Soap Making 201, where students get to make soap using the additives and scents of their choice, and take it home to set. Until then, I’ll be shopping handmade soap with a newfound respect for the makers.

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