I’ve been thinking a lot about re-doing my apartment lately. For the past year I’ve been looking for a coffee table, which in turn has made me re-think the sofa (in addition to my home office, which has extended into my living room). So in order to streamline I’ve decided to sell a few things.

photo 2

A bunch of the blogs I follow have been promoting a new furniture re-sale service called Chairish, so I decided to give it a try. The last few times I listed with Craigs List I got lots of spam and shady replies. And I have no desire to figure out shipping via eBay. So Chairish just seemed like a good option as they handle shipping arrangements and payment for a small % of the sale.



One of the first items I listed was this pair of danish modern chairs—which sold 14 days later. (Ironically, the buyers are local so shipping wasn’t even an issue). Done and done.

And now I’m on a roll: I have a bunch of items listed for sale on Chairish (links below). In fact I’m rethinking the whole apartment! So if you’re looking for something new (or old), take a look. Maybe one of these old treasures can become yours.

photo 4

Pair of Kofod Larsen Ottomans

photo 2

Danish Modern Cocktail Table


Original Oil Painting

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