Painting Workshop: Sandy Ostrau

Sandy Ostrau workshop

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking a workshop with Sandy Ostrau. Held at the aMFa Gallery in Orinda, this was my first official workshop, so I was pretty excited. I’ve been admiring Sandy’s work for years and couldn’t wait to watch her painting process, so I especially loved the demos:

Sandy Ostrau workshop

I’m always amazed at how quickly a painting can come together for a seasoned artist. I tend to work really slow (too slow), but Sandy’s painting (above) started coming together within a half hour!

Below is an example of a painting that was reworked and basically painted on top of another. I’ve never really tried this, but Sandy loves the way different layers of color and texture show through—and that’s one of the things I love about her work as well.

Sandy Ostrau workshop

Another is the combination of colors: her palette is gorgeous! So I was really excited she went into so much detail about color mixing. The painting below was something she did at the end of her demo, very quickly—to simply use up the extra paint. This is something she does regularly in her studio as well, which allows her to just be free and loose. Another great tip.

Sandy Ostrau workshop

It was really interesting to watch Sandy interpret her subject matter and choose her colors. In general, a very inspiring workshop—can’t wait for the next one.

Sandy Ostrau workshop

(All images by Sandy Ostrau)

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